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AWI Anger Classes

Need to complete anger management classes?  Want to work on your anger to use it more productively?  The "Amazon" Warrior Institute (AWI) is here to help. 

Check out our AWI Anger Classes that will help you to learn new ways to process your anger.  Work sheets, videos, and mini-quizzes can help you to find new ways to anger.  Some of these activities are free and others require a fee that will provide you with a certificate of completion.

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Anger can be like fire: good or bad for our survival. Sometimes we learn how to express anger in ways that are not useful.  Maybe our parents shut down for a few days and we learned that this was the only way to be angry.  Other families anger by exploding or throwing things in what feels like a 0-100 amount of time. 

Take this short test to see how your anger may not be working for you.  The results may surprise you.  If you would like to work on areas that are not functional you can use materials at this site and/or take your results to a licensed (LPC or LCPC) counselor in your area.  Please check out the local listings for licensed counselors at

Christian Anger as SALT: Selecting Anger alignment in Life Transformation

Christian choices for anger conform to a way of life that recognizes Jesus Christ as savior and our thoughts and behaviors as a way to live that life of rebirth.  One way to approach anger for a Christian is to consider the biblical passages that reference anger. 
In this spirit, Christians (and non-Christians) who are struggling with anger can find resources and commentary to help in processing this emotion to promote justice in alignment with Holy Scripture.

AWT Counselor Certification

Interested in obtaining certification in AWI Anger Counseling?  This training is based on the Face of Anger processing model from "Amazon" Warrior Theory (AWT) (McGinnis, 2008).  An interdisciplinary theory,  AWT provides a template for anger processing that can be used with any theoretical approach. 

Check out this practical approach to anger processing that can help any client to make changes according to specific therapeutic goals. 

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