AWI: "Amazon" Warrior Institute

Like the flower in this inhospitable environment, anger can be a warrior that fights for life when dire circumstances arise. AWI hopes to connect people with their useful anger in a similar way.

This institute has been created as a web-based entity for the free distribution of resources related to anger as an innate response to perceived injustice.  Conceived in a mental health perspective, "Amazon" Warrior Theory (McGinnis, 2008) was determined as a way to approach anger within a function-dysfunction polar system that is informed by the client's unique belief system and worldview. 

AWI Content

Based on clinical case experience, "Amazon" Warrior Theory (AWT) (McGinnis, 2008) is a processing model and conceptualization of anger within a sound theoretical practice.  AWT offers clinicians and clients with language and a processing paradigm for anger that will normalize and affirm this emotion as a human experience. 

AWT can be particularly useful in Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral, and Post Modern treatment planning.

Messiah University

AWI @ Messiah University was the result of a workload reallocation project designed by Associate Professor,       Carol ZA McGinnis PhD, SIP, BC-TMH, LCPC, NCC. 

As the first step  in providing the public and the counseling profession with function angering tools, the "Amazon" Warrior Institute is hosted as a pilot for later institute incorporation. 


As a "startup" institute, AWI is meant to serve the public without promise for improved anger or the elimination of symptoms that are better suited for licensed counselor care. 

If you, or the person you are recommending for this web content, are in danger of harming themselves or someone else please contact emergency medical services in your area by calling 911.