The Face of Anger (FOA) Processing Model

A good way to introduce "Amazon" Warrior Theory (AWT) (McGinnis, 2008) is to understand the Face of Anger (FOA) processing model.  This model has been designed as an illustrated picture of how anger can be tracked, explored, and re-experienced for the purpose of learning new ways to express it.  The idea behind this model is to empower the individual and reinforce the therapeutic relationship where these types of processes can be changed. 

Counselor Assistance

Counselors are invited to bring their own theoretical orientation to each step of this model that is receptive to cognitive, behavioral, social, environmental, and psycho-physiological aspects of angering. Family patterns, group dynamics, subjective and phenomenological perspectives can also help to expand this understanding of anger processing.

One unique way to approach this model is to imagine your anger as a friendly beast under your exclusive control  Like the face of this lion, what might the face of your beast look like?

Processing Anger

The 7 steps for FOA anger processing are:
1. Event
2. Anger
3. Energy
4. Identification
5. Choice
6. Change
7. Resolution
Feel free to click on any step to find some detail on how you might use it to process your own anger.