STAR: Spiritual Themes App and Workbook

A new STAR: Spiritual Themes, Assessment and Reflection application (search by STAR: Spiritual Themes in the Apple Store) and workbook is available!  These resources have been developed to help people to engage in spiritual assessment and reflection that may be related to mental health issues and overall personal development.  The STAR app is free to the public with no advertisements or in-app purchases and safe for children and adults to use. 

How to Use the STAR: Spiritual Themes App

Download the app from the Apple store and then:
  1. Choose your music
  2. Select a path
  3. Gather items as a star character
  4. Label and/or rank each gathered item in your castle
  5. Take one for a walk now and then to reflect on additional meaning
  6. Talk to your mental health practitioner to explore this learning
I hope you like it!