FAI: The Functional Anger Inventory

This TV test image provides the technician with an idea of what may need to be adjusted (color, brightness, alignment, etc) to produce the best possible picture.  In a similar way, the FAI test has been designed as a first step in bringing your anger "picture" into focus. 

The FAI is a free counseling tool that may help to highlight specific aspects of your anger that may not be working for you.  These results should be taken to your counselor who may be able to use them to help you:
1. create therapeutic goals
2. talk about your anger in a specific way, and
3. process your anger without guilt or shame. 

Your mental health professional is invited to complete the Clinician Feedback Survey (CFS).  You and your counselor are welcome to use the resources at this website and review the Face of Anger (FOA) paradigm processing model that can help you to determine where you may be "stuck". 

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The Functional Anger Inventory (FAI) is for everyone interested in measuring anger that is helpful.  The Clinican Feedback Survey (CFS) is for mental health professionals who have had contact with the FAI from clients or as a therapeutic tool.