AWT Therapy Supplies

Printable PDFs

300 DPI

These PDFs are best printed and laminated professionally for re-use with many clients in therapy.   They work well with erasable markers and post-it notes that can be removed after the session.  Taking a photo of the results can help the client to review progress and re-visit different discoveries.

Game Supplies

Images and Materials

Therapeutic play can be useful for identifying and expressing anger.  These materials help the client to do so with opportunities for insight and humor.  Instructions for the implementation of these anger interventions are described in the "Leashing the Beast" book and corresponding section of this website. 

Links for Anger Songs

Proin quis

Clients may struggle to identify songs that would be helpful for positive anger expression.  These songs may help to "get started" with clients until they discover their own playlist. 

Helpful Books

Sed vitae

These books are useful for a diverse client population.  They are designed for self-help as well as in-session counselor-client tools.