Anger in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented us with many injustices and unfair life changes that result in anger for counselors as well as clients.  It can be difficult to know who or what to be angry with when the problem is SO BIG. 


Your COVID-19 anger may be about:
  • loss - jobs, interaction, fun, freedom, love, work, and education
  • the actions of others - contaminated gloves in parking lots, lack of hygiene, coughing/sneezing without covering, purposeful attempts to infect others, disobedience to distancing
  • religious/spiritual confusion - gathering for important (holy) days is not permitted, how can G-d allow this to happen?
  • inept government responses - Who is looking out for us? What are our representatives doing? Why are there delays (or responses that are too quick)?
  • lack of discipline - many people are angry with themselves, with others, with the school system, with their own children or families who may not have as much self control as we thought

These are just a few of the potential "things" that are connected with your anger (or that of your client). 

People are dying and we are frightened as well as concerned and angry.  This many thoughts and feelings can be difficult to bear and my hope is that this website will help people to process some of the anger that often brings energy and maybe even some unwanted intensity. 

What can we do with all of this anger?  This is the question. 

What can you do?  Many things.  Start by honing in on exactly what you are angry about in this minute.  Of course this can change but right now.  Now.  What are you most angry about?

Who or what is responsible?  Write that down. 

How can you effect change?  It is unlikely that you can change others directly but you CAN change yourself.  What would you like to think/feel/be at this moment?


Can you write about this imagined change?  Can you draw, paint, sing, or make a difference in your "space" to use this anger energy?  What can you make?

Household chores go a long way to expressing anger effectively:
  • - mowing the lawn
  • - folding laundry
  • - organizing a drawer
  • - hanging pictures
  • - making a cake
  • - writing a memoir

your Question: What might be a way for you to begin processing this anger now?